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Brent's Tragedy

    An 8-year-old boy tragically becomes just another statistic while vacationing in "paradise". Brent Midlock's life was tragically stolen on April 26, 2003, as a result of the gross negligence and gross incompetence of the owners/operators of a major Mexican resort near Playa del Carmen. Brent loved his family, friends, and his life.

    Brent Midlock was the happy, healthy, generous, kind, loving, thoughtful, friendly, 8-year-old son of Nancy and Andy Midlock, brother of Jana and Alexa, friend to many, from Illinois.

    Brent Midlock was tragically killed, MANSLAUGHTERED. Brent's life was stolen from him in a violent and painful death. Pulled into an underwater pipe backwards, Brent's body was pummeled and crushed to fit into the pipe's diameter by 600 pounds per square inch (psi) of force, the equivalent of more than 1600 people standing on his body, AT THE SAME TIME.

    Brent Midlock was killed on April 26, 2003 at approximately 11:30am. Brent's lifeless body was found 20 hours later by resort officials, just 10 feet from where he disappeared, while the family was closely guarded to keep them in their hotel room.

    Brent Midlock was killed 10 feet inside one of the resort's swimming pool pipes. Killed due to the gross negligence of the resort owners/operators, by the gross negligence of the resort staff, and the lack of safety and security on the premises of the resort.

    It is time to speak out and share truthful information on the dangers inherent in foreign travel. The time since that fateful day has been filled with sorrow, loneliness, and the harsh realization that hundreds of lives are stolen every year due to the hazardous conditions in foreign lands, particularly Mexico.

    The Mexican travel industry has a history of creating and maintaining unsafe conditions. Unfortunately the Mexican Tourism Board and the Mexican government take an active role in denying life threatening issues. Both the U.S. and Mexican Governments are aware of the increasing number of deaths in Cancun and the surrounding regions.

    Even more disastrous is the U.S. government's complacency about atrocities. The U.S. State Department's warnings understate the situation. The State Department, U.S. Embassy, and Consular Affairs did not assist Brent's family during the time of tragedy, nor after it despite repeated pleas for help.

    Unimaginable Danger

    Brent was an innocent child who entered a 4-foot deep pool promoted as a pool to snorkel in. Warning signs did not exist, there was not a life-guard, and there were not any employees located by, near or around the pool. There was no visible danger to guests and no reason to believe that there was eminent danger to any guest. This resort allegedly is designated as an "upscale, family-friendly" place.

    "Beyond Your Expectations"

    The only way to avoid the thousands of tragedies like these is to avoid traveling in regions that are not safe. Spend your tourist dollars elsewhere.


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